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Privacy Policy

At Aeroridge Insurance Brokers, we are committed to upholding our Clients’ right to privacy, regarding their personal information. As such, we shall not disclose any personal information, unless authorized by our Clients, required by law to do so, or required by a third party, such as insurance companies on behalf of the Client. In compliance with PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act), we have strengthened our privacy commitment to our clients by ensuring that any and all personal information is collected and used in accordance with PIPEDA.

Personal Information Collected

• Basic information (Name, address, phone number(s), marital status, date of birth, employment information)
• Insurance claims history
• Credit and past payment records
• Medical information (such as any condition that affects the operation of a vehicle)
• Drivers record
• Property details (house value, contents etc)

We may collect this information from:

• the client
• Insurance companies
• Other brokers/agents
• Credit organizations
• Motor vehicle and licensing authorities
• Financial Institutions
• Medical Professionals

Why do we collect personal Information?

Whether it is a new client acquiring an insurance policy for the first time with Aeroridge, or an existing clients making changes to a product, providing personal information is necessary as it:

• Enables us to acquire or renew an insurance policy;
• Assess the ongoing insurance related needs of the client;
• Ensure the clients’ information is accurate and up-to-date, and compliant with the insurance company requirements;
• Protect both the brokerage and the client against error or fraud;

Who do we disclose personal information to?

• Insurance companies
• Other insurance brokerages or agents
• Credit organizations
• Professionals working with us (such as adjusters or lawyers)
• Financial Institutions (ie. The organization that carries your mortgage)

Aeroridge Insurance Brokers protects our client’s personal information and right to privacy by:

• Not collecting, using or disclosing personal information for any other purpose than those we identify to the client
• Maintain the clients personal information as accurate and up-to-date as possible
• Ensure that all personal information is kept confidential and safeguards are in place (secure shredding, locked filing, alarm systems)
• Obtain appropriate consent from the client before disclosing any personal information